YASAD works for entrepreneurs with CloudTeams!

European Union Research and Development Framework Program Horizon2020 is completing another project in March 2017.

CloudTeams, a cloud-based reliable software platform developed by four countries, including Turkey, is being completed in March 2017 in the framework of the European Union Research and Development Framework Program Horizon2020.

CloudTeams which is a platform for entrepreneurs and SMEs, is designed to provide support for the marketing tools they need and enables developer and end user on the same platform while developing their software.

CloudTeams aims to help developers not only to co-create their project with the market but also prepare a marketing plan, canvas, surveys, campaigns, select and identify target markets for the applications and get feedback on their projects. Developers will be able to improve their marketing skills through using the CloudTeams and take advantage with creating followers by giving awards in response their feedback on the projects.

The platform that enables users to communicate in a reliable environment. The interaction between the end user and developer community happens in a privacy respectful way and provides a wide range of possibilities for the software team to use project management and reporting tools on the platform, where the software team can communicate with each other.

YASAD (Software Developer Industrialists' Association), which provides many valuable software and projects on behalf of Turkey, has participated in the project with its support in different fields.

CloudTeams FZI (Forschungszentrum Informatik) from Germany, NTUA and SILO - (SingularLogic) from Greece, Booreiland from the Netherlands, and FTE (Germany) from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology It is a joint project of YASAD from Turkey.


YASAD Chairman Doğan Ufuk Güneş CEBIT Magazine Life Interview

YASAD Chairman Doğan Ufuk Güneş CEBIT Magazine Life Interview

ICT Summit Eurasia 2012 – Next Step

We would like to invite you on behalf of YASAD (Turkish Software Industrialists Association) organization to an important international ICT Summit organized by Interpromedya in Turkey taking place in Istanbul between 11–13 September 2012.

Software Industry Action Plan

Fuat Alican's the newest book has published. The book named "Yazılım Sektörü Eylem Koordinasyonu" includes the successful examples of software industry all over the world. You can find the whole book in this site.